Master your time in 10 minutes a day

Short, but packs a punch

In the beginning of his book, Michal lists the things that he does on a daily basis. Believe me, the list is impressive.

Although I have been managing my time successfully for many years, and routinely reach my goals and get done what I consider to be important, this book has given me a number of new tips that I have incorporated in my life.

Another fascinating aspect for me was the number of books and blogs the author mentions that I am familiar with.

Notwithstanding what ...more

I'm always curious to learn more techniques on how to control/improve time management which triggered reading this book.

As (hopefully) expected there is, of course, some nuggets to be mined .... things I already know being reinforced as how to do it as well as some nuances and new tips.

A good framework and thus a good read for anyone wanting to improve their time management.

Disclosure: I was offered a free copy of this book in return for an honest review.

Michal's book gave me the courage to go for a couple dozen new habits I want to form, rather than the typically suggested small handful. I love his "grains of sand" idea for using a few minutes at a time to accomplish quick tasks, when I'm fatigued and would normally veg out with TV or surfing the net. His delight in daily reviewing his 1300 word personal mission statement motivated me to attack that project again with new vigor (and with the help of his $1.00 guidebook). And I am definitely goi ...more

Master Your Time is a practical essay on time management and motivation. Stawicki's writing style is informal without academic references or footnotes. It's all about the message here. Rather than a how-to guide, Stawicki gives the readers a toolbox - a kit of ideas - for making better use of time. Not the most revolutionary ideas, these tips includes making a mission statement, tracking time use, and breaking larger tasks into smaller tasks. It is then up to the reader to figure out which tool ...more

Perfect short read with tons of great ideas!

Not sure why people keep saying that its same old stuff? Seems like there’s nothing much for them to learn when the ‘same old stuff’ didn’t work. If you want a quick read to start to learn about time management, this is the book to go with! Author explain several methods and books in this short book; if you like a certain metho you can buy that book to dive deeper into this subject. Love his great examples and author’s rouinte. This guy is a robot! lo ...more

I have read this book three times over the last 4 years. That fact would surprise many coworkers and fellow students from my university days. I have a dual form of dyslexia and because of that have always needed to be very organized in order to be successful academically, and later professionally. And to be honest this is one of the best books for organizing your time I have come across. In a previous review I stated that "I would compare Michal to Robin Sharma, Stephen R. Covey, Dan Millman and ...more

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